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Bradenton Opera Guild annual fashion show a sign of spring

For many people, spotting the first robin means spring is on the way. Others watch for flower buds or new leaves. However, social butterflies know spring has sprung when the luncheons and fashion shows start.

The Bradenton Opera Guild’s annual afternoon of fun, food and fashion is one of the first and this year’s outing was held last Wednesday at the Lakewood Ranch Country Club. Eileen Witzgall returned as the chair, even though she keeps insisting that she won’t do it again. And, once again, her unofficial co-chair was her husband, Bill.

Nanette Almeter from Irene’s Resort Wear coordinated the clothes and her daughter, Natalie, had an unofficial holiday from her classes at St. Joseph’s Catholic School to help out. The day has become a tradition for the duo and regular attendees have enjoyed watching Natalie grow into a lovely young lady.

The event is a tradition for others as well. Club president Syble DiGirolama and sisters Jeanne Auten and Joey Frye hosted a table of friends from River Wilderness and a group of “German ladies” filled a couple of tables. They included Ulla Heitman, Blanca Bieckelhaupt, Annelie Gustke and Anka Dierbauch.

Past president Rosalind Ellerbee brought 30 friends from the Howard University Club for the luncheon. Among Roz’s guests were Peggy Amos, Ellie Graves, Phyllis Gipson, Audrey Coleman and Dr. Brenda Brown.