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Ebony Fashion Fair adds a night of glamour to Sarasota scene

Sarasota got a lot more stylish on Tuesday night when the Ebony Fashion Fair runway show came to town.

The Links, Incorporated brought the ritzy, glitzy show to town for the first time and the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium was filled with about 600 people who came to check out the couture fashions.

Lillian Granderson chaired the evening, with Diana Smith as her co-chair.

Pulsing music and spectacular lighting punctuated the show that featured a bevy of professional models.

The commentary drew applause and chuckles and the two male models even got some catcalls from the mostly female audience.

Manatee County was well-represented in the crowd.

Retired educator Dorothy Middleton was on the committee, and Lakewood Ranch’s Audrey Coleman is also a member of The Links.

A group of local Alpha Kappa Alpha’s came for the fun, including Brenda Harvey, Doretha Pratt, Johnnie Davis, Cheryl Steele and Ollie Lampkins.

Sisters Jo McRae and Deborah Thomas were on the other side of the hall with Gladys Branic, Beverly Bryant and Jackie Houston. Kathie Marsh and Kim Brinson were across the aisle and Elouise Bacon had a front-row, center seat.

Sharon Elizabeth James is president of the local chapter of The Links, which is a service organization for African-American women.

The proceeds from the show will benefit Habitat for Humanity.