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Manatee government, health officials to meet on Ebola

MANATEE -- Manatee County and Florida Department of Health officials in Manatee County will meet Thursday to discuss health-care preparations if the Ebola virus appears here.

"There are still no indications that the virus is present in Manatee County, let alone Florida, but we want to stay ahead of the curve and let the medical community know the county is here to help," said Public Safety Director Ron Koper.

"DOH-Manatee has been proactive in its messaging and we believe local hospitals are prepared.

This meeting is a discussion to make sure everyone has access to the latest resources and information."

Dr. Jennifer Bencie, DOH-Manatee administrator, said: "The chance we will see Ebola in Manatee County is very low. We are coordinating with partners and remaining vigilant in our preparedness efforts. Should we ever need to respond to an Ebola situation, our community is ready."

Officials will brief the media at 3:30 p.m. at the county Public Safety Center, 2107 47th Terrace E.