Palmetto law firm starts memorial scholarship in honor of triple homicide victim James 'Tripp' Battle

MANATEE -- About a month after Bradenton was rocked by a triple homicide, a Palmetto law firm is honoring the memory of one of the victims by starting a scholarship for high school seniors in his name.

Sheriff's investigators say James "Tripp" Battle, a pastor at Bayshore Baptist Church and the last of three victims, was killed Dec. 4 by Andres "Andy" Avalos. Also killed were Avalos' wife, Amber Avalos, and their neighbor, Denise Potter.

Kallins, Little and Delgado, a Palmetto law firm, announced Tuesday it is starting a scholarship in Battle's memory. The $1,000 scholarship will be given to a Bayshore High School senior each year.

Battle served as chaplain for the Bayshore High School football team and Bayshore was also his alma mater.

"It is unquestioned that Tripp through his participation with Bayshore High School would have made a significant difference in the lives of the participants in that organization," the firm said in a release. "While Rev. Battle may not be able to continue his direct involvement, it is hoped by Kallins, Little, Delgado, that by honoring him in this manner, his love for sport and his high school will continue to be recognized along with his memory."

Kallins, Little and Delgado awards 10 scholarships each year to Manatee County seniors so this will be the 11th. They give one for $3,000, three for $2,000 and six for $1,000.