Troy Pumphrey wants Equal Employment Opportunity investigation into Dave 'Watchdog' Miner

BRADENTON -- In response to Dave "Watchdog" Miner's press conference on Thursday calling for his resignation, Troy Pumphrey, the district's professional standards investigator, is asking the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to open an investigation.

In a letter to the district's equity coordinator, Pumphrey details a phone call he had with Miner on Thursday, while Pumphrey was in Tampa for Department of Education hearings. Pumphrey wrote that Miner's line of questioning made him feel uncomfortable.

Pumphrey said he felt Miner's attack on his background was partially because of an investigation Pumphrey did in the spring in regards to a complaint filed by a school principal about Miner's comments at a Miller Elementary School meeting.

"It is my opinion that this is a malicious act of retribution by Mr. Miner," Pumphrey wrote.

Pumphrey also wrote he believed Miner's actions are racially based and asked that an EEOC investigation be opened.

"I believe Mr. Miner's actions are racially based in that I have personally witnessed this inappropriate conduct with at least one other black employee," Pumphrey wrote.

After speaking to Pumphrey on the phone and to Superintendent Rick Mills in person, Miner held a press conference Thursday where he asked Mills to call on Pumphrey for his resignation because Pumphrey lied on his resume, saying he had Class C/MA licenses, which deal with being a private investigator.

Pumphrey said he included the line in his resume because he believed the license was active when he completed his job application in July 2013. When Pumphrey learned that additional materials were needed to finish the application process in early 2014, he did not move forward, since he was then employed with the district and didn't need the license, he wrote.

Pumphrey's updated resume, which he used this year to apply for the newly created position as director of safety and security for the district, no longer includes the class C/MA license line. The district has yet to fill the position of the director of safety and security.

On Friday, Miner asked Mills in an email to add a new item to school board agenda on Tuesday titled "Present and future status of Mr. Troy Pumphrey." As of 5 p.m. Friday, the agenda did not include that item.

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