State College of Florida trustees push for details on $5 million investment

LAKEWOOD RANCH — Two trustees for the State College of Florida are pushing for even more details about an almost $5 million investment in its Collegiate School charter school.

Trustees learned Wednesday that the school has invested the money since 2009, including more than $643,000 in auxiliary fund transfers.

Craig Trigueiro and board chair Carlos Beruff continued a campaign they started two weeks to find out whether SCF is getting a fair deal for the Collegiate School, which was started to focus on kids who would be the first generation in their families to receive a higher education degree.

Beruff asked Carol Probstfeld, the school’s vice president for business services, to provide a “business model” by next month’s board meeting to show how SCF would be reimbursed for the auxiliary fund transfers it has provided to the charter school. Triguiero said that wasn’t enough and is pressing to find out whether there will be a plan to reimburse SCF for all $5 million of its investment.

Probstfeld contends there was never any plan to reimburse SCF for the $3.9 million in construction and renovation costs it spent on the school, which was a “defunct” building that was slated for renovation anyway. Probstfeld also said the charter school was created with the understanding that it would begin to pay back its operating costs once the school was turning a profit, which is expected to happen in the 2013-2014 school year.