Woman arrested after Chili’s employee finds her doing drugs in restroom

Herald Staff Report

A Parrish woman was arrested and charged with being in possession of heroin, marijuana and other drugs after a Chili’s employee found her and another woman doing drugs in the restaurant’s restroom.

Christine Michelle Ray, 41, was arrested after midnight Sunday and charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of cannabis, possession of a new legend drug and possession of drug paraphernalia.

At about 11:45 p.m. Saturday night, deputies were dispatched to the Chili's, 3715 First St. W., Bradenton after the manager reported that an employee had found Ray and another woman shooting up, according to an arrest report. The two women had been acting very anxious and were jittery, the Chili’s employee told a deputy.

A deputy spotted the two women inside the restaurant at a table seated with another woman and two men. The deputy waited for other deputies to assist and for the women to exit as he interviewed the employee outside. When Ray and the other woman walked out, they were detained but Ray was separated because she had been the one identified as having the needle in her hand.

Ray claimed not to know why deputies had been called out and when confronted her about being seen in possession of a needle, she denied it and offered for the deputy to search her purse, the report states.

Inside her purse the deputy found buprenorphine hydrochloride – a narcotic that treats opiate addiction —and Fluoxetine, which is used to treat depression. Also found was a capped syringe with a yellowish liquid inside, a spoon with burnt residue on top, several ripped baggies and cotton swab tip — all consistent with drug use.

Two broken fake pink nails that matched those on Ray’s hands were also in the purse.

Ray, who couldn’t offer deputies an explanation as to why any of it was in her purse, was arrested , according to the report. Inside the bathroom, deputies found a baggie that matched the one that was in Ray’s purse and another fake pink nail that matched those on her hand.

When deputies searched the table where she had been sitting, a Newport cigarette box with a burnt marijuana cigarette, a baggy with heroin, a baggy with marijuana and Crown Royal bag with syringes and several empty baggies were found.

When questioned further, Ray invoked her right to remain silent.