Sarasota man charged with selling $63,000 stolen boat

SARASOTA -- A Sarasota man was charged with dealing in stolen property after he stole a boat and tried to sell it to an undercover officer on Friday, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.

Chris Craft boat manufacturers sold a boat that was housed at Viage Holdings Marina in Sarasota for $63,022 in July 2013, and in September the boat was stolen from the marina, according to a release. Law enforcement had no suspects at the time.

In April 2014, Daniel Boyce, 28, registered the boat in his name with a fraudulent bill of sale saying he had purchased the boat from Chris Craft for $16,350, deputies said. He also made a false certificate of origin for the boat, according to a report, then listed it for sale.

An undercover officer contacted Boyce about buying the boat, and Boyce sent pictures that matched the boat that was stolen from Viage Holdings, according to deputies. The undercover agent negotiated the sale with Boyce on a recorded phone line.

Deputies found the boat parked in the 7900 block of South Holiday Drive in Sarasota on Friday, where a vehicle registered to Boyce was also parked.

Boyce was arrested Friday and charged with dealing in stolen property. He was released on $7,500 bond, according to a report.