Mother of Brooksville boy killed by dogs: 'I can't say I will move on'

BROOKSVILLE -- A Brooksville woman is trying to come to terms with the loss of her only child.

Declan Dean Moss was killed by the family's dogs on Monday. His mother, Sheila, says the loss of her little boy is unbearable.

"Laid down in his crib and cuddled his pillow and stuffed animal and begged God to take me too," she said.

The 18-month-old boy was playing on the porch of his Brooksville home Monday morning when he was attacked and killed by the family's two dogs.

Moss said her father was watching Declan at the time and tried to help, but he wasn't fast enough.

"My dad is disabled," she said. "He doesn't move fast."

Moss said the dogs had never been aggressive toward the family before.

When she left to go to work Monday morning, she had no idea she would never see her son alive again.

Moss said her son was smart, adorable and love to laugh. Mornings were a special time together for mother and son.

"We would lie down and cuddle, run his little truck through my hair until I'd get up and get ready for work," she said.

Moss, who just left the Army a few months ago because she is battling cancer, said her heart is broken by the loss of her son.

"I can't say I will move on from this."