'Black Jesus' gives fake currency to group, who tries to use it at Long John Silvers

MANATEE -- People trying to pay for a meal with a counterfeit bill said they got the bill from an individual they knew as "Black Jesus," according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

The party was eating at the Long John Silvers located at 6440 State Road 64 East in Bradenton on Jan. 1 and tried to pay for the meal with fake currency, according to a report. A cashier recognized the currency as false and called law enforcement.

Deputies arrived and questioned members of the group who passed the bill, who were cooperative and said they were unaware the bill was fake, according to the report.

They said they received the currency from an individual they knew only as "Black Jesus," and that they hadn't exchanged any goods or services when they received the false currency.

None of the people involved were charged, according to deputies. No description or explanation was given of "Black Jesus" or why the individual gave the group money.