Police release report on fatal salon shooting

CASSELBERRY -- A tire tool found in a central Florida salon where three women were shot and killed was likely brought by in by the gunman in case he needed to break the salon's window, according to a police report released Wednesday.

The report by the Casselberry Police Department included witness statements and evidence collected at the scene, detailing what happened inside Las Dominicanas M & M beauty salon on Oct. 18.

Bradford Baumet, 36, visited the salon about two weeks before the shooting and argued with then-girlfriend Marcia Santiago, who worked at the salon, the report said. The store's owner called 911 and said she locked the door when Baumet began yelling through the window.

"He hit the glass door," the caller said in Spanish to the 911 operator. "If I wouldn't have locked the door, he would have attacked me."

A police report from that day, Oct. 5, showed Baumet called Santiago a dozen times at the salon and on her phone despite the responding officer notifying him that she did not want to speak with him. The officer told Baumet that if he continued, he would "begin documentation for a harassment case."

Police said Baumet entered the salon and started shooting as two women hid inside a bathroom and one ran outside through a back door. The victims were identified as 52-year-old Gladys Cabrera, 28-year-old Noelia Gonzalez-Brito and 45 year-old Eugenia Marte, who was behind the salon's counter, the report noted.

Santiago, 44, was seriously wounded in the shooting. Baumet went to a friend's house where he shot and killed himself, authorities said.

One witnesses told police she was about to enter the salon the day of the shooting when she saw a man walk out and "slam the door." She was told that a man entered the salon and told everyone "to get on the ground then opened fire."

Police found a tire tool or T-wrench on the floor just inside the salon.

"No one could explain how or why the tool was there," the report noted. "Baumet could have brought the tool to the scene so if they tried to lock him out he could break the window."

Also included in the report was evidence collected at the scene, including a set of earrings and a Tinkerbell keychain found in Brito's pocket.

"There was a considerable amount of blood present near each of the victims," one officer noted in the report. Another officer wrote that two of the victims were "laying in a pool of fresh blood," while the third was behind the register.

Court records showed Baumet was served with a domestic violence injunction Oct. 9 and was scheduled to be in court on the day of the shooting with Santiago. Records in Florida and Rhode Island show Baumet had been previously arrested for domestic assault, felony assault, stalking, burglary and drug possession.

Baumet was jailed in Orange County on Oct. 14 after an arrest for driving on a suspended license. He was released the following day after posting $250 bond and sentenced to time-served.

Casselberry is about 15 miles northeast of Orlando.