St. Petersburg man accused of stabbing ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend

ST. PETERSBURG -- St. Petersburg police arrested a man they say stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend and bragged about it to the victim afterward.

The incident occurred Thursday morning on the 2000 block of 7th Avenue North.

Police say 32-year-old Bryan John Slackta stabbed 26-year-old Sean Stein in the stomach because he was jealous of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Police say prior to Slackta arriving at Stein’s apartment, he sent several threatening text messages to the victim.

Upon his arrival, police say Slackta and the victim engaged in a brawl, at which time Slackta stabbed the victim once in the stomach, police say.

After the victim fell to the ground, police say Slackta continued to punch, kick and head butt the victim before leaving the scene.

Slackta told police he had stabbed Stein but that it was done accidentally but police say while leaving the area, Slackta sent one final obscene text message to the victim bragging about what he had just done to him.

Stein was transported to Bayfront Medical Center as a trauma alert and underwent surgery, but his condition is not currently considered to be life-threatening.

Slackta is charged with attempted first-degree murder.