Doctor cleared in Miami penis-amputation case

A doctor at the center of a case in which a man lost his penis has been cleared of negligence by a Miami-Dade jury.

The case, reported by Gossip Extra and WPLG-ABC 10, centered around a penile implant, a resulting infection and the eventual amputation of Enrique Milla’s penis. The jury this week determined that Dr. Laurentiu Boeru, the anesthesiologist, did not play a role in the medical complications.

Milla, formerly of Miami who now lives in Peru, claimed the doctor did not meet the standard of care needed.

"At the end of the day, Mr. Milla walked into that hospital with a penis and now has to live the rest of his life without a penis," said Spencer Aronfeld, Milla's attorney. "And nothing that the jury said today is going to change that fact.”

The doctor said the accusations and trial have taken a toll.

"The process damaged my family life, my personal life," Boeru said.

As Gossip Extra reported, Milla, then 60, chose to have elective surgery in 2007 for an implant because of erectile dysfunction caused by various ailments. Two weeks after the surgery, however, a small infection turned into gangrene. A life-saving amputation was then done.

Aronfeld’s contention was that anesthesiologist Dr. Laurentiu Boeru should have known that Milla wasn’t in top physical shape at the time of the surgery and would have a difficult time recovering.

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