Pig-napper Tazed; stolen animals returned to owner

Two pot belly piglets were returned to their owner’s care after Broward sheriff’s deputies said they Tazed the pig-napper and truck thief.

The ordeal started Wednesday when Charlie Borquin was working at a home in Hollywood. The sprinkler repair technician said he had left his two pot belly piglets in his work truck with the keys in the ignition. Someone drove off with it all, and left him in tears.

“I just get upset thinking about it,” Borquin said.

Aside from his sprinkler work, he sells pigs from his truck.

On Wednesday night, a neighbor discovered the female piglet running down an alley in Hollywood.

“I heard the little grunt and then the pig was running through the field,” recalled Don Pritchard. “I ran from here then I got the crate and I put it over the top of it to hold it down.”

Thursday afternoon, a homeless man found the male pig just a few blocks away.

“It feels great,” Borquin said. “I’m just grateful that he’s OK and the guy that did take the truck didn’t hurt ‘em.”

Shortly after, Broward sheriff’s investigators said one of their deputies spotted Borquin’s white work truck with the sign “pigs for sale” on its back. The deputy called for backup and stopped the truck.

That is when they said Frantz Aboubaker tried to get away and they Tazed him. He is now under arrest and facing criminal charges.

As for Borquin, he said he still plans to sell the piglets.

“Yeah, I’m gonna get them a home and someone’s gonna have a really special pet and maybe a famous one,” he said.