NBC correspondent fired over doctored Zimmerman police tape

Another Miami-based network news journalist has been canned over the Today show’s doctored George Zimmerman police call.

Lilia Luciano, an NBC Miami correspondent since October 2010, was let go over her role in the editing of a call Zimmerman made to police Feb. 26, the Miami Herald has learned.

The call was edited to make it sound as if Zimmerman associated being black with being suspicious, when in fact he said “he looks black” in response to the police operator’s question. The tape aired several times locally and also on the T oday show, and was widely viewed as a glaring example of liberal media bias.

A producer had already been fired and several others disciplined, NBC said. Another local reporter who made the same error at NBC6 lost his job last week.

Luciano, a 2007 University of Miami graduate, was an entertainment host on Spanish-language TV before she joined NBC.