Florida father accused of shooting son in butt

A Central Florida man was arrested Thursday after police say he shot his adult son in the buttocks over an argument about who could live at home.

Monroe Harvey Desaussure, 62, was fighting with his son, Ashton Desaussure, 31, and shot him, said according to a report by news-journalonline.

The father was charged with aggravated battery and aggravated assault, according to Orange City police.

Monroe and Ashton started arguing whether or not another son, Monroe Desaussure Jr., 37, should return to live at the home. The father didn't want his namesake to live at the house, police said.

"The verbal argument turned physical and the father pulled out a gun," Orange City police Cmdr. Jason Sampsell said. "He fired a round inside the house and Ashton ran out of the house but the father continued to fire the gun shooting his son in the buttocks."