Cars burglarized in Manatee County's Northwood Park

MANATEE -- The discovery of a purse in the roadway led a Manatee County Sheriff's deputy to discover that three cars had been burglarized in the 4000 block of 70th Street Circle East in Northwood Park.

The deputy located the owner of the purse in Northwood Park. It was discovered that the purse had been taken during a car burglary. The only item missing from the purse was a Nook.

Two other burglaries were discovered while checking the area, the Manatee County Sheriff's Office reported.

One vehicle had a GPS taken and the other vehicle was missing the stereo. All vehicles had been left unlocked and no one reported hearing anything suspicious. The vehicles were processed for prints some latents were lifted.

The burglaries occurred between 2:20 and 6 a.m. today.