Manatee clerk, sheriff announce 'paperless' restraining orders

MANATEE -- A new arrangement between the Manatee sheriff and clerk of court will shorten the amount of time it takes to serve people with restraining orders, officials said Thursday.

The restraining orders, or "temporary injunctions for protection, are now being delivered electronically and immediately to deputies' vehicles as soon as a judge signs them, clerk of court R.G. "Chips" Shore said in a news release.

“Prior to this paperless process, it could take up to 5 days to get the injunction in the hands of a deputy after the judge signed it," Shore said. "Now, the deputy has it in a matter of minutes. Victims of violence deserve the best and most timely protection that we can offer and I am thrilled to be able to get this information to our deputies so quickly."

The agencies announced the process after testing proved it work, Shore said.

Sheriff Brad Steube said his agency and Shore's have been working to improve how restraining orders are served.

"The electronic filing of restraining orders is another example of this effort, where something that used to take days, now will take hours," Steube said.