Bradenton man charged with killing brother in Sarasota

SARASOTA -- A 19-year-old Bradenton man is being charged in the shooting death of his younger brother and the shooting of two other men after the brothers went to a Sarasota apartment on Sunday to collect a debt, according to a Sarasota County Sheriff's Office news release.

Joshuat Lopez Santana and his brother, Carlos Lopez Santana, 17, allegedly drove to the 3900 block of Butler Avenue, parked between two apartment buildings, got out of the car and began shooting at one of the apartments, according to an arrest report.

"During the shooting, the witnesses stated that Carlos must have stepped in the line of fire coming from Joshuat and was struck in the back of the head," the report stated.

Carlos Lopez Santana fell to the ground while Joshuat Lopez Santana ran and continued shooting at the apartment, according to the report.

The news release said Carlos Lopez Santana died from his gunshot wound.

A bullet also "narrowly missed" a man standing in the doorway of the apartment, said the news release.

The two men in the apartment then ran out through a back door and tried hiding in tall grass.

Joshuat Lopez Santana then allegedly shot one of the men twice as the man asked not to be killed, according to the report.

The 33-year-old injured man was taken to Blake Medical Center and was listed in stable condition, said the news release.

According to the report, the man asked Joshuat why he would "shoot him for a $300 debt."

After allegedly shooting the 33-year-old man, Joshuat Lopez Santana then went back to where his brother was lying and loaded his brother into the car with the help of the 33-year-old man, according to the report.

The news release said police arrested Joshuat Lopez Santana after he wrecked his car nearby.

Joshuat Lopez Santana was booked into the Sarasota County jail and was held without bond, according to the news release.

He is charged with felony murder in the death of his brother. He also faces two counts of attempted murder.

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