Manatee deputies arrest shoplifting suspect after brief search

MANATEE -- A man who threatened employees as he stole various items from a 7-Eleven store Thursday was arrested after a brief search, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

About 6 p.m., as a clerk at the store at 6886 15th St. E. watched Roger Crawford, 42, conceal a cheeseburger, energy drinks and condoms under his shirt, he pointed his fingers like a firearm at employees and said, "I know you," a news release states.

As Crawford was leaving, a deputy entered the store. Employees told him what had happened, and the deputy went outside to talk with Crawford.

Crawford fled, but deputies set up a perimeter. After a brief search, a police dog tracked Crawford to a nearby shed, where he was arrested.

"A 7-Eleven cheeseburger, still warm to the touch, was located a short distance away along the path Crawford ran," the report states.