Casey Anthony starts a video blog (with video)

ORLANDO -- We have confirmed that the YouTube video featuring a woman who looks and sounds like the Orlando mother acquitted of murdering her daughter, Caylee, is none other than Casey Anthony.

And now attorneys who are already suing Anthony hope to use this video in their lawsuit.

Sources close to Casey Anthony's defense team confirmed Thursday. Attorney Cheney Mason says Anthony is maintaining memoirs and notes primarily for future counseling. She did not upload the video to YouTube, nor did she authorize anyone to do it. Mason says whoever leaked the video did it illegally or criminally.

The 4-minute, 20-second video posted Wednesday features Casey Anthony with a shorter, blond hairstyle. The woman in the recording gives the date as Thursday, October 13, 2011.

"So this is my first video diary," Anthony begins, but at no point does she mention the criminal case that had the world glued to their televisions in 2011.

She does, however, mention she could get off probation early, as soon as February.

Casey Anthony began serving probation in July for lying to law enforcement, but she was sentenced to one year.

Anthony said she is excited about recording more videos and plans to take pictures, adding that she finally has something she can truly call her own:

It's been a long time since I've been able to call something mine, that I have something -- even as silly as saying I have a computer, and a camera and a phone,

Granted, I wouldn't have the phone without [name edited out of video] and I've actually now paid for my computer. The camera was a gift. These are things that are mine, that I don't have to give back.

Near the end of the video, Anthony talked about having her dog join her in her next video blog.

Anthony does not reveal her location in the video. The last confirmed sighting of Casey Anthony in public was July 17, 2011, the day she walked out of the Orange County Jail.

Reaction to the Video

Morgan and Morgan, the law firm that is suing Anthony on behalf of Zenaida Gonzalez, is planning to reopen their push to force Anthony to talk without invoking her Fifth Amendment rights. The firm issued this statement:

This video is a preview of everything we predicted she would do in court. Speak when it's for profit. She has gamed the system. We will be renewing our motion to have her testify. Justice moves slowly sometimes but we remain vigilant. I guess her objection to filing her deposition with the court for safety concerns due to the disclosure of her appearance was a sham upon the court. I don't think this well respected and thoughtful judge will be happy or amused.

Mark Lippman, the attorney who represents George and Cindy Anthony, issued the following statement:

Cindy and George were made aware of the video diary of their daughter this morning, January 5th 2012. They are concerned that the release of this video or any future videos could endanger their daughter. Cindy and George hope that Casey remains safe wherever she may be.