Dog may have dialed 911 before shooting

MANATEE — Did a dog dial 911 in Manatee County Sunday?

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office officials at least were told that’s what happened when they responded to a home where a 911 hang-up had occurred Sunday morning.

In a story reported by Bay News 9, Sgt. Will Kelley of the sheriff’s office responded to a home on 21st Street West to check on the hang up and was greeted at the door not only by the house occupant but by several dogs.

“The person at the house told us she thought the dogs accidentally dialed 911,” said Dave Bristow, a sheriff’s office spokesman. “We didn’t come up with that. That’s just what we were told.”

Bristow said the dogs’ owner opened the door and tried to squeeze out without letting her two 65-pound Bull Mastiff-Pit Bull mix dogs get out.

But the dogs forced their way out of the door and began aggressively lunging and trying to bite the deputy, Bristow said.Kelley retreated to avoid the dogs, but was forced to shoot one.

The dog was taken to the vet. The dog’s condition is unknown at this time. Kelley was uninjured.