More ‘fix-a-flat’ victims step forward in Florida toxic tush case

More victims have stepped forward in the toxic-tush case that involves a fake doctor accused of injecting cement and “fix-a-flat” in the buttocks of a Miami Gardens woman and sealing the work with Super Glue.

The Florida Department of Health is reporting that several more victims have gone to authorities, according to NBC 6.

Miami Gardens police last week arrested a transgender woman named Oneal Ron Morris, charging her with practicing healthcare without a license and causing bodily injury. Morris apparently did self-work as well, with photos showing her own inflated rump.

The patient, whose identity has not been released, is recovering from having the concoction shot into her backside in an attempt to improve her appearance. The 30-year-old woman paid $700 for the series of injections.

The work set off a year-long medical mystery after the woman developed pneumonia-like symptoms and large welts.