Fort Lauderdale man walking dog shoots two charging dogs

A Fort Lauderdale man walking his dog Monday morning on the street opened fire on a charging pitbull and Rottweiler, killing one and sending the other to an animal hospital.

Police said the incident occurred just before 9 a.m. as George Doudhty walked his Rottweiler on a leash near the intersection of Pennsylvania and Indiana avenues.

The two unleashed dogs, belonging to a neighbor, charged toward Doudhty and his dog, said Fort Lauderdale Detective Travis Mandell.

Doudhty pulled out a firearm, which he has a permit to carry, and opened fire on the animals, owned by Randy and Joanne Daise.

The pitbull, Lil' Red, died on the scene. The Rottweiler named Cleopatra was rushed by a Fort Lauderdale K-9 unit to the Hollywood Animal Hospital, where she is in stable condition.

Mandell said Doudhty was interviewed by police. No charges will be filed against him in the dog killing.

Mandell said the neighbors apparently have a history of disputes over their dogs.

Several weeks ago, the Daisie's dogs injured Doudhty's dog.

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