Dead teen told Tampa police in November that her mother abused her

TAMPA — Julie Schenecker was suspected of abusing her teenage daughter just three months before police say she shot her children to death, according to a police report released Monday.

The case was closed about two months later after police determined Schenecker had hit Caylx, 16, for "back talking" and the girl didn't receive any injuries, the report states.

"(Schenecker) has had to increase her level of discipline since her daughter no longer responds to her privileges being confiscated," investigator Desiree Ayo wrote on Dec. 21.

On Nov. 6, police went to the family home at 16305 Royal Park Drive because of allegations that Schenecker, 50, had abused her daughter, Calyx. A counselor triggered the investigation after Calyx confided that Schenecker had hit her, the report states.

Calyx had no visible injuries, but, crying, she told police that four days earlier, on the drive home from cross country practice, she and her mom had argued and her mom slapped her with an open hand on her face for about 30 seconds, the report states.

Speaking separately to police, Schenecker said the argument started after her daughter bought something at Publix. When Schenecker looked in the bag to see what Calyx had bought, Calyx said "stay out of my business."

Then she told her mom, "you're disgusting," and "you're not my parent," Schenecker recalled, the report states.

Schenecker told police that she "backhanded" her daughter in the face three times.

At the gate to their Tampa Palms North neighborhood, Schenecker hit her daughter one to three more times, Calyx told police, according to the report. And when they pulled into the driveway, Schenecker tried to hit Caylx again, but Caylx held her mom's hands.

Calyx also told police that the previous month, her mom had hit her in the mouth while they were in the car because of something Caylx had said, causing her to bleed, the report states.

Caylx told police she was never hit like this before.

"(Caylx) is usually disciplined by getting her privileges and her belongings taken away from her," the report states.

At the time, Schencker told police that Calyx's behavior had changed in the past year. She believed it was because Calyx was attending King High School. They had been going to counseling at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay for about three weeks, the report states.

When the case was closed Dec. 21, the investigator wrote that Calyx had no signs of physical injury, nor did she complain of any.

"There is not evidence of a criminal offense in this case," investigator Ayo wrote.