Woman injured in shooting in Palmetto

MANATEE — A 23-year-old woman was slightly injured after someone fired a gunshot into the car she was riding in, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

The woman and her boyfriend were riding in the 1300 block of 72nd Street Court East, Palmetto, about 9:18 p.m. Wednesday when a bullet entered the front passenger’s side window and landed at the bottom of the driver’s side front windshield and into the dashboard, according to a news release.

The report did not say the couple saw a gunman, but they did report seeing a man standing in a driveway just as the shooting occurred.

After the incident, the couple drove to the man's parents, where they called authorities.

When deputies went to where the couple saw the man, they found a lighter and two small plastic bags possibly containing drug residue, according to the release.

The woman was treated by paramedics for a minor abrasion on her leg, possibly caused by shattered glass.