Miami cop killer's mom: I didn't know son would open fire on police

The tearful mother of the Liberty City man who gunned down two Miami-Dade police officers Thursday pleaded for forgiveness Friday, but added she had no idea her son would open fire when she let the officers into her home.

``I am very sorry for the officers that were killed,'' an emotional Lorraine Simms said Friday, less than 24 hours after her home turned into a bloody crime scene. ``I lost my son too,''

``He said open the door; I never thought he would come out with a gun. It happened so fast. Before I knew it, there was gunfire from both sides.''

When the shooting ended, Johnny Simms, a 22-year-old career criminal wanted for murder in Overtown, was dead. But not before he mortally wounded veteran detectives Roger Castillo, 41, and Amanda Haworth, 44, who along with two others were serving him a warrant for the killing.

But Simms had no intention of going back to prison, and instead chose to shoot it out in the living room of the family's small apartment.

A day later, his family was left to pick up the pieces. Lorraine Simms spoke briefly with reporters before allowing them inside her home, which, aside from traces of blood seeping through her tile floor, was remarkably intact.

For all the shots fired, the walls were not pocked with bullet holes.

``I'm still in my house cleaning up blood,'' Lorraine Simms added. ``My son's blood, the officers' blood ... all over my house, on my porch.''

Lorraine and Johnny Simms weren't the only ones home when the officers arrived around 11 a.m.

Lorraine's teenaged daughter Sharease Simms also was there. She looked away when the gunfire erupted, she saw three bodies on the ground when she turned around: Castillo, Haworth, and her brother.

Lorraine Simms repeatedly apologized for her son's actions, but took exception with the words of Miami-Dade Director James Loftus, who Thursday called Johnny Simms ``evil.''

``My son was not an evil man,'' she said. Immediately after the shooting, she rushed outside to her son's side.

``As I watched my son laying outside dying, my son told me, `Mom, they were going to kill me anyway.' He felt like he had no choice.''

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