Bradenton Beach neighbors help prevent burglary

BRADENTON BEACH -- By simply being aware of their surroundings, two neighbors helped law enforcement catch two would-be burglars, the sheriff’s office reports.

The neighbors saw the suspects, Ian Michael Beck, 21, and Shawn Bozarth, 22, at about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in the 300 block of Bay Drive North.

According to the report, one of them caught the witnesses’ attention because he ran across a driveway in an odd manner, according to an arrest report.

One of the witnesses then went around the apartment complex and saw one of the suspects on a ladder attempting to get into an upper floor apartment; which suspect was seen by witnesses was never specified in any part of the report.

When one of the witnesses saw a screen was removed, a window was open and a suspect with his hand inside the window he asked him if he could be of assistance, the report said, the pair then fled northbound toward Gulf Drive. When deputies arrived on scene, the witnesses gave a description of the subjects, which led to their arrest.

The victim was later contacted and said nothing was missing from her apartment, the report said.

Both Bozarth and Beck each have been charged with unarmed burglary to an occupied structure and are in Manatee County jail on bonds of $7,500 each.