Bradenton police officer fired amid internal investigation

BRADENTON -- A Bradenton Police Department officer was recently fired amid an internal affairs investigation, said Bradenton Police Chief Michael Radzilowski.

Officer Joseph Brainard, an officer since March 25, 2010, was terminated for “failing to meet the standards we look for in a police officer,” Radzilowski said.

He declined to elaborate further.

“We’re not going to hide it. It is what it is,” Radzilowski said. “We’re continuing with the investigation.”

Bradenton Police Department officers are hired on a probationary period that lasts for one year. A reason does not have to be specified if they are fired within that period.

Brainard was fired Dec. 28.

Brainard was recognized in June after he stunned a man with a Taser who was carrying a loaded .32-caliber pistol outside of Gecko’s Grill and Pub in the 4300 block of State Road 64 East. The man left without paying for his meal and charged at Brainard. He reacted by discharging the Taser. The probes struck the man making him fall to the ground.

Radzilowski said he expects the internal affairs investigation to be completed in the next month.

Beth Burger, criminal justice reporter, can be reached at 708-7919.