Online meeting leads to armed robbery near Manatee outlet mall

MANATEE -- A person attempting to buy an I-Phone on Craig’s List ended up becoming a robbery victim at 9 p.m. Sunday, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

The victim made arrangements to meet with the apparent on-line seller of the phone at a restaurant near the Ellenton Prime Outlets Mall.

When the pair met, the suspect told the victim he didn’t have the phone with him and requested the victim follow him to a residence on the 5800 block of 28th Avenue Drive East in Manatee County to get the phone.

The victim followed the suspect to the home.

Once there, the suspect pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded money, the report states.

The suspect then looked inside the victim’s vehicle and noticed other property in the car. The suspect demanded the property in the car. The suspect also demanded the victim’s car keys and fled with them, the report added.

The suspect ran toward 58th Street Court East and entered another vehicle, which was not identified in the report. No injuries occurred during the robbery, the report stated.