Investigation lands Manatee woman in jail on drug charges

MANATEE — A Manatee woman was arrested Monday after she botched a drug deal with an informant from the sheriff’s office, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Jennifer Trimarco, 26, and the informant agreed to meet for a deal involving a sale of methamphetamines for $440, according to an arrest report.

After they met, the informant drove Trimarco to State College of Florida, the report said, where she was to pick up the drugs from a man who works there. While at the college Trimarco was given the money and instructed the informant to go to the second floor to get her friend, the report said.

When the informant came back to the first floor to tell Trimarco her source doesn’t work at the school, she was gone, the report said.

Deputies pulled over Trimarco in a blue, four-door Ford vehicle in the 5800 block of 14th Street West. When she came out of the car, Trimarco was holding a red phone with a text message to her boyfriend regarding the “rip off,” the report said.

During her interview at the sheriff’s office, Trimarco confessed to having the currency used in the deal with her, the report said, adding that she was also found with two Oxycodone pills when she was getting processed to go to jail.

Trimarco has been charged with grand theft, possession of a controlled substance, introduction of illegal contraband in jail and violation of probation. She is being held in Manatee County jail without bond.