Manatee sheriff: Marijuana stashed in unmentionable area

MANATEE — Deputies had originally responded to the 3500 block of 16th Street Court East at around 6: 20 p.m. to investigate a possible burglary in progress.

But instead of a burglary they found something else.

A man was spotted exiting a residence when deputies arrived on the scene, according to an arrest report.

When deputies ordered him to sit on the ground he spontaneously stated he had “weed,” the report said, and when deputies went to conduct a search he stated it was hidden in his genital area.

The man retrieved the pot after being asked to hand the bag over. Michael Aguiar was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana, the report said.

While deputies were placing the handcuffs on Aguiar he made another spontaneous statement that he had a pipe in his pants, according to the report.

A deputy searched Aguiar’s pants on the scene and failed to find it, the report said. Aguiar was searched again when he was being processed at the department and still, no pipe turned up.

After two failed attempts Aguiar was escorted back to a holding bench where he pointed to the floor, where he had placed the pipe, the report said.

Aguiar has been charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. He bailed out of Manatee County jail Friday afternoon on a $240 bond.