Report: Man in Manatee jail used rubber band to tie drugs to his genitals

MANATEE — A man being booked into the Manatee County jail for violating his supervised release on a DUI charge, was slapped with another charge last week when drugs fell out of his pants.

Jason Graham, 33, of Venice, was changing into his blue jail uniform on June 30 when a supervising deputy said he heard a rubber band snap as Graham pulled his pants up. A white object with a rubber band attached to it then fell out of his pants.

“It is apparent that Graham had this package secured around his genital area and it popped off during the changing of his pants,” the deputy wrote in his arrest report.

Inside the package deputies found blue prescription pills.

Graham was arrested on charges of drug trafficking and introduction of contraband into a facility. He was being held at the jail on bonds totaling $50,750, according to the jail website.