07/04 Fugitives

Karim Oualddaba

DOB 01-28-74

6’0”/180 lbs

Wanted in Battery

Edney Hepburn

DOB 12/9/77

6’0”/250 lbs

Wanted in Sale of Marijuana

Natoshia Mellon

DOB 10-3-81

5’6”/160 lbs

Wanted in VOP: Grand Theft

Keith Garner

DOB 12-22-80

5’6”/140 lbs

Wanted in Sale/Delivery of Cocaine

Kenneth Laws

DOB 10/14/71

6’1”/230 lbs

Wanted in Domestic Violence

Jesus Ramos

DOB 03/13/85

5’6”/160 lbs

Wanted in Aggravated Battery

Elias Rico

DOB 11/27/64

5’5”/250 lbs

Wanted in Attempted Felony Murder

Jeffrey Humbert

DOB 07/26/77

5’9”/200 lbs

Wanted in failure to Notify DHSMV

David S. Williams

DOB 12/07/79

6’2”/200 lbs

ARRESTED in VOP Sale of Cocaine

Elroy Johnson

DOB 06/10/75

6’2”/200 lbs

Wanted in non-payment of child support x2

Natalia Hernandez

DOB 03/31/1974

5’2”/160 lbs

Wanted in criminal use of personal ID