5/23 Manatee's featured fugitives

Timothy Gregory

DOB 4-5-77

5’11”/190 lbs.

Wanted for Possession of Firearm By Convicted Felon, Grand Theft Auto

Jamie Hall

DOB 9-18-89

5’7”/135 lbs.

ARRESTED in Warrant for Sale of Cocaine

James Wells

DOB 09-09-82

5’8”/200 lbs

Wanted in Aggravated Battery

Karim Oualddaba

DOB 01-28-74

6’0”/180 lbs

Wanted in Battery

Edney Hepburn

DOB 12/9/77

6’0”/250 lbs

Wanted in Sale of Marijuana

Darnell Harris

DOB 11-17-85

5’7”/140 lbs

Wanted in Trafficking Heroin

Natoshia Mellon

DOB 10-3-81

5’6”/160 lbs

Wanted in VOP: Grand Theft

Eugene Evans

DOB 06-05-73

6’0”/172 lbs

ARRESTED in 3 Counts of Failure to pay child support

Kenye Cooper

DOB 12-30-88


ARRESTED in Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Ashlee Eberly

DOB 2-23-88


Wanted in VOP: Grand Theft

Suave Frazier

DOB 1-26-89


Wanted in Assault: Victim pregnant