1/10 Manatee's featured fugitives

If you have information about these fugitives, call the toll free tip line at (866) 634-TIPS (8477) or give an eTIP at

Edgar Garcia

DOB 02-22-1991

5’7”/140 lbs.

Wanted in Bench Warrant, ref.

Lewd & Lascivious Battery, 3 counts

Justin Coombs

DOB 9-15-1986

6’2”/180 lbs.

Wanted in Dealing in Stolen Property

Zacarias Agustin

DOB 11-5-1969

5’4”/180 lbs.

Wanted in Sexual Battery

Armando R. Martinez

DOB 12-4-1983

5’4”/150 lbs.

Wanted in Lewd & Lascivious Battery

Edwin Torres

DOB 9-2-1962

6’2”/180 lbs.

Wanted in Conspiracy to Commit

Trafficking in Heroin, Sale of Heroin 2 Cts,

Trafficking in Heroin 3 Cts

Mark Johnson

DOB 11-21-1957

6’0”/190 lbs.

Wanted in Dealing in Stolen Property

Juan Carlos Hernandez

DOB 1/11/1989

5’5”/120 lbs.

Wanted in Armed Robbery

Elias Rico DOB 11/27/1964

5’5”/250 lbs.

Wanted in Attempted Felony Murder

Salvatore Laspisa

DOB 6-21-1968

5’10”/180 lbs.

Wanted in Grand Theft from a Dwelling

Benito Galvan

DOB 4-9-1982

5’1”/130 lbs.

Wanted in Failure to Report as a Sex Offender

Ricky Lewis

DOB 7-28-1960

5’8”/150 lbs.

Wanted in Burglary w/Battery