Manatee's featured fugitives

If you have information about these fugitives, call the toll-free, anonymous tips line at (866) 634-TIPS (8477) or give an eTIP at Rewards are given up to $1,000. These fugitives are wanted by law enforcement as of press time. Apprehensions and arrests may occur to change the status of fugitives at any time.

Jose Luis Alvarez

DOB 06-11-1980

5’7”/150 lbs.

Wanted in 2001 Murder

Michael Dilla

DOB 03-16-1966

5-11, 180 pounds

Wanted in felony domestic battery, parole violation

Nathan Vingi

DOB 12-20-1978

5-10, 180 pounds

Wanted in dealing in stolen property

Jose Ruperto

DOB 01-09-1960

5-5, 150 pounds

Wanted in aggravated battery

Jorge Martinez

DOB 10-31-1973

5-9, 200 pounds

Wanted in aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, false imprisonment

Brian Gaddy

DOB 09-16-1988

5-10, 150 pounds

ARRESTED in VOP ref fleeing to elude

Law enforcement with disregard

for safety of others

Kenneth Jackson Jr.

DOB 07-14-1986

5-11, 140 pounds

Wanted in attempted murder

Suave Frazier

DOB 01-26-1989

5-6, 180 pounds

Wanted in order revoking bond ref

fleeing to elude LEO,

No valid driver’s license

Lashay Cooper

DOB 03-19-1988

6-6, 190 pounds

Wanted in shooting into occupied dwelling

Star Stewart

DOB 08-25-1985

6-2, 200 pounds

Wanted for attempted murder

Thomas Holderness

DOB 08-03-1988

5-8, 150 pounds

Wanted for dealing in stolen property, 3 counts

Defrauding a pawnbroker, 3 counts