Tampa Bay Bucs fan drove on a sidewalk before hitting 4 pedestrians, Miami Beach cops say

Jay Fletcher Alli-Balukoff
Jay Fletcher Alli-Balukoff Miami-Dade Corrections

When Miami Beach police officers found North Bay Village resident Jay Alli-Balukoff in his 2015 BMW Saturday night on Normandy Drive, they said he “was crying and screaming” and smelling of alcohol.

They also said not long before and 1 1/2 miles away, Alli-Balukoff rode a sidewalk in his BMW before blasting through four pedestrians legally crossing Collins Avenue.

Two of the four pedestrians had to be taken to Ryder Trauma Center with serious injuries, one of which required a plastic surgeon to deal with facial lacerations and missing teeth.

Alli-Balukoff was taken to Miami-Dade Corrections Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. He remains there, charged with two counts of leaving the scene of the crash, two counts of DUI with serious bodily injury and one count of reckless driving DUI.

According to the arrest affidavit, around 7:30 Saturday night, a red light for Collins Avenue traffic gave seven pedestrians the chance to continue walking east across Collins at 63rd Street.

Alli-Balukoff zoomed up Collins in his black BMW X5 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers Florida license plate “JFAB” — “at a high rate of speed, passing stopped traffic by driving on the east side sidewalk,” the report said, returning to the road just in time to plow through four people still in the crosswalk.

Witnesses told police that Alli-Balukoff didn’t stop.

After a citywide alert to officers, a Miami Beach police officer saw Alli-Balukoff’s car heading west on 71st Street. Cops stopped the BMW at 1100 Normandy Dr.

The arrest report said Alli-Balukoff’s two breath samples measured blood alcohol levels of .166 and .183, well over the legal limit of .08.

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