‘If they shoot me, then they are assassins.’ Man posts video during fatal police standoff

An early morning standoff between Davie police and a man who barricaded himself inside a mobile home ended with the man being shot and killed by one of the officers.

The standoff began around 3 a.m. at a mobile home near Southwest 73rd Avenue, south of Griffin Road, according to Miami Herald news partner CBS4 Miami.

A SWAT team was called in to assist Davie police after negotiations with the man inside started to fail. He was not alone inside; a woman was with him, Davie police said.

“We believed she was being held against her will,” Davie Police Chief Dale Engle said in a CBS4 broadcast. Negotiations “failed to resolve the issue” and one of the officers shot and killed the man.

The woman was identified as Juana Mena. Her father, Moises, told CBS4 she was the man’s girlfriend and that the man had previous disputes with his neighbors.

Neighbors began reporting “disturbing noises” coming from the mobile home early Friday, WPLG Local 10 said.

The man who died had posted a video on YouTube during Friday’s standoff under the name Luis Lomonte.

In the six-minute clip he titled “Davie police corrupt” he complained that “neighbors call the police because they heard a noise. People around me do crimes and the police don’t care.” The shirtless man spoke while holding a piece of paper in front of what looks to be surveillance security screens.

At the top of the video, he points to one of the screens and said it showed police outside his home.

“I don’t do nothing and they do more than me and they stay alive. Why don’t they call the SWAT team? But Davie police are corrupt,” the man says in the video.

“If they shoot me, then they are assassins, too, they are bad people,” he said five minutes into the video. “I’m not going to open the door. They’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

According to reports, Juana Mena used Facebook Live to give her own take on the standoff.

“There is tin foil on the windows. Because these neighbors keep bothering us for no reason. We’re telling them to leave us alone,” Mena said in the video, WPLG reported. “And now they are trying to shoot.”

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