He said he was rescuing 25 cats and 4 dogs in a U-Haul. Police called it something else

Marlon Flores
Marlon Flores Broward Sheriff's Office

What a man called rescuing dogs and cats, Hollywood police called animal cruelty after finding four dogs and 25 cats in cages or crates in the back of a U-Haul.

Hollywood resident Marlon Flores, 47, sits in Broward County Main Jail on 29 counts of unlawful animal confinement, 29 counts of causing an animal cruel pain and suffering and 29 county ordinance violations for none of the animals having rabies vaccinations. Flores’ total bond: $76,125.

In addition to some of the dogs caged without water or food and cats living in their own waste, Hollywood officer Geni Burts wrote in the probable cause affidavit, “there was not adequate ventilation for the animals. (Saturday) the high was estimated at 88 degrees.”

A call of dogs possibly locked in the truck brought cops to 6213 Tyler St. around 9 p.m. Saturday, the affidavit said. A U-Haul truck was parked on swale bordering the south side of the street. The rear roll-up door being open three to four feet let the malodorous smell of cat pee and dog poop ooze from the back of the truck.

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“I observed four dogs in three cages, two of which were in one cage and did not appear to have room to turn around or comfortably move about,” Burts wrote. “I observed no water or food accessible to two out of the three cages.

“Behind the dogs were several cages, which housed several cats and kittens,” Burts continued. “I observed one black and white cat in a small carrier with yellow liquid throughout the floor of its carrier and covering the animal head to tail. (Animal Control advised it was a mix of urine, feces, food and water...).”

Saying she was worried about dead or almost dead animals, the officer threw open the door.

“It appeared several of the feline cages had feces, urine or some other bodily fluid lining the floor of the crates,” Burts wrote. “One of the crates had a dark reddish brown liquid lining the bottom of the crate.”

Flores drove up and told police he was rescuing the animals from winding up at the Humane Society. He claimed he was bringing food and water to the animals. The affidavit says other witnesses saw a total of three men coming and going from the U-Haul.

Flores claimed he’d taken the dogs and cats up to Fort Pierce in the U-Haul after his March 31 eviction from a Hollywood apartment and put them in an empty lot in the same cages and crates. Animal control in Fort Pierce spoke with Flores and he brought them back to Hollywood Friday.

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