Manatee County’s Carlos Beruff botches facts about immigration bill

Marco Rubio’s Republican rival for the Senate says Rubio sided with President Barack Obama on amnesty rather than protecting the border from undocumented immigrants as Donald Trump vows to do.

Bradenton businessman Carlos Beruff sent a statement to the media July 5 blasting Rubio on immigration:

“When faced with increasing threats to Americans, what did Marco Rubio do? Rather than work to secure the border, he supported Obama’s amnesty plan for illegal immigrants, endearing him to the Washington establishment in his bid for president. It’s clear that ISIS and others intent on doing us harm will use any means necessary, including our Southern border, to enter this country.”

Beruff then praised Trump’s immigration plan.

Beruff’s campaign argues Rubio supported a plan that would have immediately legalized immigrants without guarantees of border security. That’s distorting the facts.

The legislation Rubio helped draft had multiple hurdles to permanent legal status and had extensive border security measures — and funding for them.

The Rubio campaign declined to comment.