Possible Trump running mate Newt Gingrich known to bend truth a bit

Newt Gingrich might soon mount a return to government, if Donald Trump gives him the chance.

The prospect of a Trump-Gingrich ticket only gained traction after a Cincinnati rally on July 6, at which Gingrich introduced the Republican nominee to more than 7,000 supporters. He hit on several of Trump’s favorite themes — corruption, a rigged system, the establishment and bashing Hillary Clinton, most recently for her emails.

“The difference between all the folks who talked and Donald Trump, is that he has had a lifetime of getting things done,” Gingrich said. “Everybody else is talking about how they want to change Washington a little bit. This guy’s going to kick over the table.”

Trump did nothing to dispel the rumors of a potential Trump-Gingrich ticket.

“I’m not saying it’s Newt, but if it’s Newt, no one’s going to be beating him in those debates,” Trump said. “In one form or another, Newt Gingrich is going to be involved with our government.”

Gingrich has since said if Trump offers, he “would feel compelled to serve the country.”

Gingrich has been in public life for a while — first as a Georgia congressman, then as speaker of the House, later as a 2012 presidential candidate and then as a pundit onCNN and Fox News.

With the veep rumors swirling, we decided to look back at Gingrich’s record on the Truth-O-Meter. Of the 73 claims we’ve rated, 53 percent have been rated either Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire!