Coquina Beach lifeguards make multiple rescues during holiday weekend

Bay News 9

Over the holiday weekend Coquina Beach lifeguards responded to three rescues, a small number compared to the thousands of people hitting the water.

“I noticed an adult male struggling to make progress in the water, he was actually in a rip current,” said lifeguard Cody Sullivan. “I didn’t realize that until I got to him.”

Lifeguard Chelsea Hart says the key is to spot the problem immediately.

"The boy was swimming and he's supposed to be going forward, he's actually moving backwards, he's struggling," said Hart.

Moments later, without hesitation, Hart was in the water.

"My body goes into training mode and I just know what to do," said Hart.

A save that would heroic in many people's eyes is another day for Chelsea. In fact, for her protecting is second nature. Prior to being a lifeguard Chelsea was a soldier deployed to Afghanistan. Now, being back home, she gets to serve her community.

"I love the adrenaline rush, I love the rescues, I love the saves. You know it feels really good to help people out," said Hart.

Surrounded by constant adrenaline, Hart says the best days are knowing everyone gets home safe.

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