Dozen applicants chosen for 12th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission lists

Twelve individuals have been selected for consideration by the 12th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Circuit Court Judge Scott M. Brownell.

Nominees include Lon Arend, Arthur Brown III, Heather Doyle, Patrick Duggan, Don Hall, James Hudson, Renee Inman, Linda Lorrier, Connie Mederos-Jacobs, Fred Moore, Dana Moss, and Anthony Ryan, according to a release issued Friday by The Florida Bar.

The commission has until June 27 to submit to Gov. Rick Scott the names of highly qualified lawyers for consideration and appointment to the 12th Judicial Circuit Court. A list of members of the 12th Judicial Circuit Nominating Commission is available on The Florida Bar’s website.

The Herald previously reported Brownell, who has sat on the 12th Circuit Court bench since 1987, announced his resignation from the bench in a letter to Scott dated April 21.

“It is my intention to resign from the office prior to the commencement of the statutory qualifying period which begins May 2 to create a vacancy in the seat between Dec. 28 and Jan. 2; which will permit you to fill the vacancy by appointment,” Brownell wrote. “I know you will appoint someone who is well qualified, who will respect the dignity of the office and work tirelessly to serve the people of this circuit and the state of Florida.”

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