Shy young lad

On the sidelines of the recent youth sports leadership summit, something flitted at the edge of my vision.

Then again.

I looked down and a small boy waved up at me, flashed a smile and slipped back to his nearby seat.

He curled up his legs and tucked into his dad's arms -- a dad who looked very familiar.

A few minutes, later I sat in the empty chair behind the boy.

He peeked through his fingers at me. Then through a handle in the top of the chair. Then again.

His father smiled and reached out his hand.

That's when I remembered who he was: the Olympic skater, Mark Ladwig.

"Do you skate?" I asked the little boy, who his father introduced as 5-year-old Holden.

Too shy to answer, he leaned into his smiling father.

As I stood up to leave, I got another small wave.