Manatee County EMS award recipients

Manatee County EMS award recipients

Paramedic of the Year: Angie Hadlock.

EMT of the Year: Jeremy Peterson.

Rookie of the Year: Jesse Stine

Volunteer of the Year: Jolene Hopkins.

Chief's Commendation: Brian Boren.

Phoenix award: Angel Roman, Jason Donath and Chris Cordes.

Genesis Award: Zach Molnar, Lorenzo Hogans, Alex Flores, Jesse Stine, Craig Lavelle and Andrew Baker.

Unit citations: Ahmed Glover, Shawna Toccalino, Paul Herrholz, Chris Hickey, Patrick Rees, Keith Hall, Thomas Peltier, Troy Dufrane and Heather Bruenner.

Special teams: Kristin Kray, Honor Guard.

Military service awards: Jeff Dutra, Jimmie Hamrick Jr., Ray Condon, Zach Gauthier, Gary Lorento, Eric Logan, Audie Stern and Debbie Cusenz.

Employee dedication awards

Military training: Sue Sommers, Lt. Timothy Raines, Alex Flores, Fred Jackson, Frank Agresta, Matt Dyce and Sherri Pellien.

Community outreach: Jimmie Hamrick Jr., Aaron White

Employee dedication: Mark Regis.