Sarasota County officials propose higher speed limits along Cattlemen Road

SARASOTA -- Sarasota County officials Wednesday will consider raising the speed limit from 25 mph to 30 mph along a section of North Cattlemen Road where most of the drivers are speeding.

The road carries 6,710 vehicles per day on a 3,800-foot segment located 500 feet south of Desoto Road, near the new Mall at University Town Center, according to county documents.

Typically, a preponderance of drivers are traveling up to 39 mph in the northbound lanes, and up to 37 mph as they go south in what is now a 25 mph speed zone, documents said.

The existing 25 mph speed zone starts from 500 feet south of the Desoto Road roundabout and continues about 3,800 feet south. The current posted speed limit immediately south of the Desoto Road roundabout is 30 mph.