What do local governments charge for public records?

Local government fee schedules for public records requests

City of Anna Maria

$0.15 a copy, $0.20 for each double-sided copy.

$0.25 for a legal size or 11-xy-17-inch copy.

$2 a disc.

Records that can be emailed are at no charge.

For records that take longer than 30 minutes, the city charges $17 an hour, which is the lowest-paid person in the city.

City clerk Diana Percycoe said the city estimates the time it would take to produce the record and the person who is requesting the record must submit the payment in advance. Percycoe said a person will be reimbursed if they paid too much as the city "only charges the actual cost."

"We haven't really had to charge much," she said. "We haven't had any huge requests lately."

City of Bradenton

8.5-x-11-inch copies -- $0.15 a copy, $0.20 for each double-sided copy.

11-x-17-inch copies -- $0.25 a copy, $0.30 for double-sided copy.

18-x24-inch copies -- black and white, $2.50 a copy. Color, $5 a copy.

Certified copies per page certification, $1.

Certification statement in addition to copying fees, $5.

CD or DVD, $0.50.

Audio cassette, $1.

Video cassette, will pay cost charged to the city to obtain.

For extensive requests requiring more than usual staff time, additional charges may apply, according to Bill Ackles, business tax clerk and records management officer. Ackles said every effort is made to keep costs to a minimum, but it depends on the volume of materials requested.

City of Bradenton Beach

$0.15 a copy.

$3 a CD.

Records that can be emailed are at no charge.

For records that take extended staff time, it's an hourly rate that depends on who is doing the work.

"That would be determined by the city clerk -- depending on what it was," Bradenton Beach Mayor William Shearon said. "Maybe some of it might involve the building official or the city planner, so it all depends on what it is or the magnitude."

The mayor added that it's very important that people have access and availability to public records. The access also means more work for city staff.

"That's the other side of the coin is we're using taxpayer money to do this and that's a concern because it takes staff away from their normal daily procedures," Shearon said, "but it's something that we have to do and we try to provide public records in a timely and efficient manner."

City of Holmes Beach

$0.15 a copy, $0.20 for each double-sided copy.

For requests, if it's a supervisor doing the work, the first 10 minutes of work is at no charge but each five minutes after that will cost $2.50. If it's a general clerical worker, the first 10 minutes is at no charge but each five minutes after that will cost $2.

For big requests, Holmes Beach City Clerk Stacey Johnston said the office gives the person making the request a breakdown of what the cost will be and asks him or her a deposit.

"They'll pay quite a bit up front. If I see that it's going to be more then I would let them know along the way," Johnston said. "I know we get a lot of records requests and it does consume a lot of our workload so as far as ... my gosh, I can't imagine if we didn't charge for it. I just follow the statute and I've never had a problem with it or ever been challenged. I make sure that I give them what they need."

Manatee County

Per Florida Statute Chapter 119, Manatee County charges $0.15 per one-sided copy for duplicated copies not larger than 14-by-8- 1/2 inches.

Records taking longer than 30 minutes to obtain are subject to additional charges for staff time spent.

"The amount is based on the salary of the lowest paid staff member able to perform the research," Manatee County Records Division Manager Debbie Scaccianoce said. "This varies dependent on request. For example, IT staff are paid at a higher rate, etc. So there is no hard fast dollar amount."

For more information about public records, go to www.mymanatee.org/home/government/departments/property-management/public-records/faq-public-records.html.

City of Palmetto

8.5-x-14-inch copies -- $0.15 a copy, $0.20 for each double-sided copy.

11-x-17-inch copies -- $0.20 a copy, $0.25 for each double-sided copy.

Certified copies of documents, $1.

Audio, data, video, CDs -- $5.

Other costs may apply such as shipping costs if the materials are requested to be mailed. Also, if the nature of the request proves to be large enough to require additional staff time, labor charges may be added other than the first 30 minutes required to fulfill the request.

Manatee County School District

School district staff will provide a cost estimate to a requester prior to retrieving records.

Up to 15 cents per one one-sided copy for duplicated copies of not more than 14-x-8-½ inches.

No more than an additional 5 cents for each two-sided copy

For all other copies, the actual cost of duplication of the public record

A charge of $1 per copy for a certified copy of a public record

$1.50 for a DVD/CD copy

A special service charge based on the hourly rate of the employee conducting the work will be charged. For the extensive use of information technology resources or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance by personnel taking more than 15 minutes to locate and review confidential information, copy and refile the requested material.

-- Herald staff reports