Manatee transit adds bus route to GT Bray Park

MANATEE -- Manatee County Area Transit is beginning a trial route Saturday to the G.T. Bray Park and Recreation Center.

The trial route will be on Route 4, which currently travels westbound along Cortez Road before turning north on 51st Street West, then west again on Manatee Avenue. The route then continues south to Blake Medical Center before turning around.

The new route will suspend service along 51st Street West north of 33rd Avenue Drive West, instead turning west on that road, crossing G.T. Bray Park. After making one stop at the Recreation Center, the bus will continue west on 33rd and then north along 59th Street West to Blake Medical Center.

MCAT Planning Manager Ryan Suarez says that the new route will be tested for several months before a final decision is made whether to continue it.

Those accustomed to the older Route 4 can still board MCAT bus services at 34th Avenue West and 51st Street West and at Manatee Avenue and 51st Street West.