Man falls through roof; crane strikes power line in Bradenton

BRADENTON -- The City of Bradenton Fire Department had two potentially life-threatening events occur at the same time Tuesday.

At 3 p.m., the department got a call that a power line had fallen across a fence in a field near the Bradenton Boys and Girls Club, said Assistant Fire Chief David Ezell.

Also around 3 p.m., a man who was doing roof repairs in a house in the 2700 block of 19th Avenue West fell through the roof and halfway through the ceiling, suffering serious injuries, Ezell added.

"A crane made contact with the power line and took down the line behind the city sanitation yard, which is between 13th Avenue West and 17th Avenue West and 9th Street West," Ezell said, adding the power line fell across a fence adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club. "We made sure no children came into the area while we were fixing the line," he said.

Florida Power & Light, the Bradenton Police Department and Bradenton Fire Department worked together to repair the line, Ezell added.

The roof repair incident was just as serious, Ezell said.

"This gentleman fell through the roof and halfway through the ceiling while trying to do roof repairs," Ezell said. "I don't know if the roof was rotted."

The man was taken to Blake Medical Center, Ezell said.